Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most small business websites are finished within a week. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include minor tweaks requested by the user that occur after the website is finished.
Absolutely! The cost is the same, as you’ll still be getting a completely new website- but we’ll keep all of the content from your old website.
Yes! Every website we build comes with a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to change and update the contents of your website, without having to learn any programming or coding. You’ll also receive a guide tailored to using the CMS on your website.
Yes, you can! We are open to negotiating terms for updating client websites on a regular basis, and currently do so for several of our customers already. The amount that it will cost depends on the size and frequency of the updates, so please contact us with more information if you’re interested in making a proposal.
With very few exceptions, we will not. Our equipment and technology is built for use on our hosts/servers so we can create your website as efficiently and expediently as possible.
As mentioned in the services page, your first year of hosting is included with the website fee when you order a website from us. After that, it will cost $30 a month to keep the servers running for your website. This is sent as an annual $360 bill.
Yes. We submit the websites we build to major search engines to ensure that they’re listed. Moreover, your site will come with a search engine optimization (SEO) package to raise the site’s ranking with all search engines.
Navigate to your website and type in /stats in your address bar after your website URL. For example, would be the address to visit to find this website’s traffic stats. After that, type in the username and password that you were given to view a detailed report about your website traffic!